Meet Thomas Reid

Serial Entrepreneur & Marketing Expert

Arriving from New Zealand with Scottish/English Father and Maori Mother, Thomas Reid overcame social, cultural, physical, mental and emotional abuse and illustrated learning difficulties as a child. These challenges became the constant objects to move away from and which ultimately blessed Thomas with the opportunity to develop key skills that would prepare him for an entrepreneurial life.

Seeing the world as a place of opportunity, Thomas started his first entrepreneurial venture as a 9 year old Paper Boy in the middle of Sydney’s Parramatta Road. He identified how to access customers in their cars sitting at the intersection patiently waiting for a green light, Thomas was able to buy his desired BMX within a week by earning more than $800 per week in tips.

In 1996, Thomas started his career in the financial sector before moving on to the fitness and advertising industries assisting the expansion of hundreds of small businesses. From here he became a highly sought after corporate advisor for leading multinational corporations. This list consists of notable companies such as; Sensis Yellow Pages, Colonial First State, AMF Bowling, Civic Video, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Subway.

With his success as corporate advisor, Thomas established ‘Sync Marketing’ in 2002 to support businesses in the retail industry with offline and online marketing solutions.

In June 2012, Thomas was invited to represent Australia as a Delegate at the ‘G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit’ an event sponsored by the ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance’.
Here, Thomas collaborated with over 300 entrepreneurs from each of the G20 nations in a quest to create economic solutions that stimulate business growth, create jobs and improve the environment.

At the conclusion of the summit, these entrepreneurs met with the Leader of Mexico and submitted their recommendations in the ‘Communique’ for President Felipe Calderon to present to the world at the ‘G20 Summit 2012’ in Los Cabos Mexico.

Thomas loves spending time with his Wife, their 5 Children, Reading, Martial Arts, Basketball, Traveling and Learning New Languages.

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