Meet Michael Vale

Hospitality Industry Expert

Michael Vale is a veteran and a major player in the hospitality industry starting with his first business at Milson’s Point on Sydney’s Lower North Shore in 1976 at the age of 19.

Since then Michael has created no less than 27 Sydney based hospitality projects with one New York City Operation. These include concept CBD Cafes-Bars-Restaurants, founder of the Wood Fire Pizza Company chain (one claiming to be the largest in Australia seating over 400), CBD concept Food Hall, a New York Brasserie-Bistro-Deli, an American Craft Beer Bar, Steakhouses, a major CBD Hotel Pub reinvention & a 250 seat  Sydney beach front Craft Brew Bar-Bistro project that witnessed over 650 patrons on the sixth day of trade.

Michael comes to any new hospitality project with a world of experience stretching back over 36 years with hands-on involvement in operations in the greater Sydney market, Europe, the South Pacific & in The United States.

Michael’s company Cafe del Mar Australia represents the famous Spanish branding name here in Australia, as well as a host of international hospitality concepts eager to enter the Australian market.

All of these operations were conceptually created-constructed developed and commercialised under Michael’s direct control, either as a full owner-operator/a financial partnership or under a consultancy-project management contract.

Michael’s greatest strengths are in the field of conceptual “invention” creation /marketing and construction of new Australian hospitality operations, with a catalogue of projects that are designed to create the cutting edge in food and alcohol businesses.

Michael specialises in the creation of “New Avenues” of income for existing Sydney operations, and in particular Sydney Pub operations. I look upon businesses as a huge Lemmon, and in Sydney that’s usually a very expensive lemon. I know how to “Squeeze” that lemon for all it’s worth. There isn’t a business in Sydney in the Pub/Bar/Restaurant or Cafe industry that i can’t squeeze for another 10-20%.

Michael Vale also has many years experience organising individuals or consortium’s of passive investors for interesting new Cafe-Bar-Pub or concept Restaurant projects. As long as it has a clear commercial “Point of Differentiation” and it stacks up commercially Michael could fill a boardroom full of eager investors that will support the “flagship operation” with a big picture plan to follow (See services)

In July 2004 the prestigious BRW magazine chose to do a double page story on Michael Vale’s business philosophy on creating-building-constructing/buying & selling hospitality businesses in the buoyant Sydney market.

Hospitality Direct Marketing

Michael Vale has a simple strategy for success in creating a new hospitality concept in today’s market. This style of commercial strategy has been time tested in dozens of his own Sydney operations throughout the years.

  • Find a great location that has a strong visual presence and a good catchment area to draw from.
  • Create a unique concept-atmosphere-products and services unlike any other operation in the immediate vicinity.
  • Once you have opened & have gone through all the “teething” issues embark on an aggressive marketing strategy.


An aggressive marketing campaign is a very important part of Michael’s overall business strategy and this is an area where (unfortunately) so many operators fail dismally. Most new operations have a certain marketing budget when opening with most going for the usual avenues of Newspapers/Magazines, possibly Radio, usually with very disappointing results.

If you have an operation in lets say North Sydney, why would you want your business to pay good money for advertising in Cronulla or Penrith? It simply does not make any commercial sense.

Michael’s marketing strategy is very simple, yet every time he has  implemented the concept he has hundreds, if not thousands of people responding in the first 2-3 days of opening. He simply invests directly in the venue’s “IMMEDIATE CLIENTELE”

Here is one example. A few years back an associate of Micahel’s opened up a Sydney CBD operation under a large high profile bank building. The position was very isolated and uninviting and there was virtually no business to speak of when the operator contacted Michael. When Michael asked  “What do you want me to do?”, the operator replied “I want 1,000 customers queuing outside my front door.”

After Michael executed his strategy the response was over 2,000 local office and corporate clients (all working within a 5 minute radius of the business) queuing outside his front door!

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