CleverX Blue Ocean Business Incubators works internationally with many leading industry experts, organisations and educational providers to deliver quality advice and  support to incubation clients that will provide them with the greatest opportunity for success. Each deal is handled individually and on it’s own merits and our team of experts and associated companies, organisations and institutions decide on a case by case basis whether they wish to be involved.

CleverX also has direct contact to substantial and reliable investment and lending sources, who invest in and/or lend on a wide range of ventures internationally. These financiers include predominantly private and non-institutional sources who are relatively flexible in their thinking and are therefore prepared to look at a great many different types of scenarios from incubation clients. To be clear, CleverX does not act in these transactions as a broker or in any other capacity that would require a financial services professional license in any jurisdiction.

Do you consider yourself an expert in your field? … and would you like to explore joining our team of associated experts to participate in our business incubation programs and help businesses grow?  Contact us today for an exploratory discussion about your experience and our criteria.