Now the real work begins!


We loved your pitch! You passed the interviews …

We taught you the secret handshake and you’re in!


What’s Next?

Once you are accepted a mentor will be appointed to guide you through the incubation program. Your mentor will be chosen based on the best fit to your industry and your aspirations. Our expectations and yours will be recorded and you will have access to the relevant resources of CleverX and our associated experts.

Business Incubation is a support framework which means that we will be like trainer wheels on a bicycle. You have to pedal and steer, we can support you to avoid some mistakes but we can’t stop you having a head on collision or similar.

Our investors monitor all companies under incubation for possible equity participation or other finance options and when your business is ready you will be able to pitch to the investor panel for additional capital. In the meantime we have access to a range of other business finance options and grants to provide you with excellent opportunities to grow and expand.