Not every first date ends in marriage!

What are your options when we are not immediately a match?

There are literally tens of thousands of incubators in the world, and like you we are looking for the best match, not just every business that walks over and says ‘Hi!’. It is important that we can add maximum value to the business and achieve maximum return.

Unlike some incubators that are government funded or receive grants from various institutions, CleverX is 100% entrepreneurial driven. We have a group of investors who support our activities and who are interested in being a part of the next big thing. Maybe that’s you, and even if you are not destined to be the next big thing, your ideas may be attractive enough to be able to plug-in to our incubation programs.

More often than not though, we have to decline applications. When this happens we will inform you whether the reason is simply because we do not feel your venture resonates with what we are looking for, or whether your venture simply needs to overcome a few hurdles before we could accept you into one of our incubation programs.

In the case of the latter we have a Business Incubation Readiness (BI Readiness) program designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners prepare for and become eligible for incubation through CleverX.