Passion without action …

… is just smouldering emotion.

Are you ready for business incubation?

There is big difference between having a GREAT idea and actually turning it into a commercial reality with sustainable growth and income. Of those ventures that are eligible for incubation not every one will be ready. You’ll need to have more than an idea, passion and a vision.

We don’t discriminate between start-ups, emerging or existing businesses. If your venture stacks up we will be prepared to invest time and resources to help you grow it to its full potential. If you feel like you are ready to pitch us, make your move.

You will need to be able to articulate why the venture is important, what the business is about, what it is you need, and where is the exit. Business incubation is about support and guidance, it is not a dumping ground for entrepreneurs to be able to throw their problems over a fence.

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