Is Business Incubation Right for You?

Who can apply?

There may be an incubation program out there for every type of business. The CleverX business incubation program focuses on Venture Entrepreneurship, and is aimed at rapid-growth & fast-track companies that have an innovative commercial niche. We also look for ventures that genuinely could become best of breed in their industry. Generally we look for ventures that have the potential for a factor ten (10x) rapid growth.

From time-to-time we will consider some start-ups and emerging businesses, so if any of this this sounds like you read on.

CleverX Business Incubation Who can apply

Minimum employees:

None … well at least one…. you! … but ideally 8+ employees including yourself

Annual revenue:

At least $100,000 … not quite there? Come and tell us why! Sweet spot is around the $3 million+


Yes! Don’t just read something on the web and think you can make a go of it. Maybe you can but not in our incubation program. That is why we have anIncubation Readiness program. To bring you from the place of idea or even an emerging business to one that is ready for our flavour of incubation, designed for strategic rapid growth.

Past failures:

Preferable, so long as you have learned each time and not repeated the failure … a couple of goals kicked in between would also enhance your profile.

Commitment Levels:

Through the roof. You want this so badly that it would drag you out of bed with a 40 degree fever!

Your experience with social security payments:

You ask “What’s that?”. You’re here to contribute to society, not suck the marrow out of it.

Personal Values:

You have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and live it!

Professional Values:

You enjoy leading others … and your service is measured by way of the things you create, and not by the how warm and fuzzy the feeling is you give others by displaying a servant mindset.