Optimise, Grow & Expand, Exit!

Every great business is simply a bunch of processes ….
… done in an inspiring way that people celebrate!

We work predominantly with existing companies that have a few runs on the board and can benefit from a prompting, pushing and sometimes shoving in the right direction. The three phases of our business incubation program are “Optimise, Grow & Expand, and Exit”. On the rare occasions that we work with start-ups there is an additional preceding step in the process which is the ‘Build’

The three phase program relevant for most companies is about taking what they have and improving it. The first phase discards ballast, streamlines and bolsters where required and creates a truly scalable and sustainable systemised business. The second phase is about growing the business in it’s industry and expanding it’s footprint, which may be solely within the industry or across other related industries. The third phase is about how to remove the founders operationally, then as leaders and potentially, but not necessarily, financially (if they desire).