Disclosure Statement

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In some jurisdictions, this website may be considered advertising under the applicable law and ethical rules. The hiring of an attorney, or chartered accountant or other accounting professional, or an audit adviser or a taxation adviser is an important decision that should be based on more than advertisements. Indeed the decision to hire one of the aforementioned professionals should not be made exclusively on the basis of an advertisement.

You should not consider anything contained in this website to be a guarantee or prediction, express, implied, or otherwise, of result. Past results are supplied only for the purpose of general information and do not guarantee, provide warranty or predict a similar outcome in any whatsoever in respect of any future matter. CLEVERX and its coaches do not collect any personal information about you other than whatever you provide through digital or physical means, including but not limited to Internet chat, email, file upload, phone, Skype, Google+ Hangout, messaging via social media or social networking. All potential clients are urged strongly to make their own independent investigation, and perform their own due diligence and evaluation before acting on any information provided by CLEVERX and/or its Agents. No coaching or other business relationship, whether commercial or non-commercial is formed, established or implied by reading this website or by merely chatting with, or by sending an email to CLEVERX or talking with one of our people. By your action of communicating with CLEVERX in any form, including but not limited to sending an email, letter, facsimile, or making a telephone call, a Skype call, a call on Google Hangouts or calling or messaging via social media or social networks, you acknowledge that you have read, comprehend and agree with this Disclosure.