Virtual Business Incubation – All the benefits without the ballast!

Business incubators have traditionally supplied start-up and early stage companies with a place to reside in addition to a range of business support services. In decades past the provision of a physical office location was invaluable for new companies and entrepreneurs starting out on a new venture.

However, in the modern business world this aspect of business incubation has become more of a limiting factor. Whether your business is localised or has the potential to go global, locking yourself into a physical location just because that is where the incubation program resides makes very little sense. That does not mean you should not have an office. Whilst some businesses can start out from the garage or spare room in your home, ultimately a proper and physical office presence somewhere will be required.

When you need a presence virtual office services are readily available at affordable rates in all major cities around the globe. In addition to physical office space most offer a simple corporate identity package which gives your business the prestigious address without the cost of real estate. Another reason that physical premises are no longer a benefit of the business incubation model is that technology has removed the need for many basic office services to be delivered from a specific location. The modern day entrepreneur is able to receive and make phone calls, scan and receive documents, or even send faxes (if their clients still live in the late 20th century) online and via mobile devices; they can meet online and be up-to-date with every important aspect of their business in real-time leveraging enterprise strength cloud technology for minimal cost.

A package of real business support and services is the thing that is needed to help start-ups and early stage companies succeed. This has always been the corner stone of the business incubator industry. Virtual business incubation allows you to take advantage of the professional business and support services and the advice of the incubator without the requirement to utilise their physical site.  Virtual business incubators therefore offer a more flexible solution that is better suited to modern day start-ups.

Virtual business incubation companies service the needs of the modern entrepreneur better than the traditional incubation model. The modern entrepreneur needs advice, support, and access to business services that incubators provide. The virtual business incubation model allows you the flexibility to access the services you need yet work remotely from whatever premises best suit your purposes.

Modern technology provides the means to be able to utilise virtual business incubation services anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection and/or a mobile phone. This gives the entrepreneur the ability to select the best incubator for their business without physical or geographical restrictions. Anything that restricts the business could affect the business’s ability to achieve its full potential and should be avoided.

CleverX is a Virtual Business Incubator built on a networked organisation model to leverage the best of class skills and expertise of its network of professional experts. We recognise that you need the access to sound quality advice and support to help you make the right decisions and chart the course for your company. We also know that the best resources do not all live in one city or one country. Our team of professionals is located throughout the globe and combine forces as required to serve and support passionate entrepreneurs achieve their vision.

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