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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 1st September 2012 /PRNewswire/: Sydney Australia based business incubator CleverX Pty. Ltd., a company that focuses on fast-track and rapid growth companies with a commercial innovative niche announced today the appointment of Paul J. Lange, formerly Principal Consultant to the Board for Incubation and Operational Strategy,  as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Mr. Lange’s international business experience and  ability to build strategic relationships with both private and institutional investors will be of great benefit to CleverX.” stated Roslyn Dooney, Public Relations Manager. As the world emerges from a period of financial gloom and increasingly more highly-skilled people turn their focus to entrepreneurial endeavours, the need for a person to steer CleverX from experience was crucial. The board of CleverX was keen to find a person with a combination of broad operating experience across multiple industries, deep management experience – both high and low level, operating experience across business – sales, finance, operations, entrepreneurial experience – preferably starting several companies, a strong understanding of legal, accounting and financial issues, specific industry experience, demonstrated high integrity, and experience coaching or advising CEO’s and senior management. “We believe that Mr. Lange embodies all of these criteria and is the ideal choice to lead CleverX into the next phase of it’s growth as a global business incubator. Paul Lange has over 25 years of international business building, senior management and executive coaching experience. In addition to his role as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board at CleverX, Mr. Lange currently serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Young Entrepreneurs Society Australia, and operates successful businesses in executive coaching and enterprise business management consulting. Mr. Lange has also served as an expert witness for technology fraud in the criminal law courts of The Hague, the Netherlands. For
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