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Since You’re A Person I Trust

You don’t have to sweet talk me or get me drunk to get me in to bed. Extend a proper invitation and see the difference in the results....

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PRESS RELEASE – Conscious Leadership Dublin

Leadership experts Helen Kerrison & Paul J. Lange announced today that the international Conscious Leadership workshops to be held in Europe in September 2013 will be extended to Dublin, Ireland....

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Old school business continuity physical data backup

Unless like me you live your life in the cloud from the perspective of data, content, and communication you probably store a lot of data on your desktop or mobile computer. If this is the case, one of the biggest risks you run, whether personally or professionally is loss of your valuable data and d...

Categories: 60S, Business, Business Building, Business Continuity, Business Performance, Business Services, Cloud Computing, Cloud Data, Cloud Storage, communications, Data Backup, Disk Crash, Entrepreneur, Grid Computing, Offsite Data Storage, Remote Backup, Word Wide Grid, and World Wide Web.

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Finding funding for your venture through Family Office directories

Family office directories continue to enjoy popularity and as more family offices are founded, this is a trend that is likely to continue as long as there are people seeking funding. It’s no secret that Family Offices are difficult to contact. Anyone who has ever tried will tell you and may ha...

Categories: 60S, Business Services, Capital Raising, Entrepreneur, Exit Strategy, Family Office, Family Office Database, Family Office Directory, Family Office Management, Family Offices, Funding, Investment, Money & Finance, Money Making, small business finance, UHNW, Ultra-High Net Worth, and Unique Selling Point.

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The Leadership Effect on Company Valuations and Investor Interest

Silicon Valley venture capitalists have been upfront of late that the biggest gap in most start-ups and second and even third round funding companies is Leadership. This is echoed by my own panel of private equity and VC investors. It is, I believe, al......

Categories: 42 Leads, 60S, Business, Business Building, Business Performance, Business Services, company valuations, Conscious Leadership, Entrepreneur, Experiential Learning, Inspirational, Investment, investor interest, Leadership, Leadership Training, Leadership Workshops, Money & Finance, Performance Leadership, Service & Value, Strategy, Talent Leadership, and venture capitalists.

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The power of imagination is actually quite easy to grasp

Nothing has ever been created by men or women that they did not first see in their mind. Down to the most personal and, to others, seemingly trivial things, before the task is done, the activity conducted, the event experienced, you thought of it, you saw (at least) some part of it happening or even...

Categories: 60S, Business Performance, Business Services, co-create, Entrepreneur, imagination, Inspirational, Leadership, mastermind, Performance Leadership, Personal Development, positive thinking, see the end result, Service & Value, start with the end result in mind, Strategy, Take Action, Taking Action, Talent Leadership, Value, and visualisation.

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